How to Install pgAdmin 4 on Ubuntu 16.04 – Ubuntu 18.04

PgAdmin is an open source graphical administration platform for PostgreSQL. You are able to manipulate schema and data on an instance or multiple instances of PostgreSQL engines. Requirements SSH Access Admin Account Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 Install dependencies Enter the following command in SSH to install dependencies sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev libgmp3-dev virtualenv python-pip libpq-dev python-dev […]

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Auto restart Apache/HTTPD if it Goes Down/Stops

Apache/HTTPD can stop at any time and you may not have the time to monitor your server all the time. Although monitoring tools exists but you may not have the time to check it all the time. There are many reasons for Apache/HTTPD to stop working and many can be fixed temporarily through a simple […]

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What is Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting is hosting which is out of USA. Offshore hosting providers operate from a country where data-related laws are very lenient. These countries include Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Russia too. Not all hosting providers in these countries provide offshore hosting but most of the hosts are flexible with it. Some of the main […]

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VestaCP: Reset Lost Admin Password

VestaCP allows you to to reset your VestaCP admin password. Unfortunately, VestaCP doesn’t have reset button on the GUI login page. But fortunately, you can still reset the password through command line interface. This method can also be used to reset the password of other users. Process If you still have root SSH access, you […]

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Dangerous/Insecure PHP Functions Which Must Be Disabled

Dangerous/Insecure PHP functions Which Must Be Disabled There are certain functions in PHP which must be disabled as they can be used to exploit the web server. With these dangerous functions, a person can get root level access of the web server. They were not designed to be dangerous and are useful for many things […]

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