Hiding Host Server IP With Cloudflare

Cloudflare can protect the origin server IP from getting exposed  by forwarding your traffic through their network by replacing the IP in DNS records with their own CloudFlare’s IP.

This can be used to protect your server from attacks

There is just one drawback, you can’t use the server on which the website is hosted for Mails. You can use external mail services like Zoho (free), Gmail etc.



  • Login to cloudflare.com
  • Now navigate to the DNS Section by clicking on the DNS button in the menu.
  • Delete all the records which are not required. In my case I don’t need FTP record as I am using the my web hosting provider’s FTP.
  • Delete all the mail records which belong to the origin server where your website is hosted. (MX Records) Mail Records can easily expose your server IP.
  • Now verify that traffic through all the DNS records go through the Cloudflare proxy. There shouldn’t be any “grey cloud”, all the clouds should be orange. If any cloud is grey then click on it to turn it orange.
  • That’s it! All the necessary steps have been taken to hide the origin server IP.
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