How to Setup Two-Factor Authentication on a WordPress Blog


Two-Factor Authentication gives extra security to your site. It is an additional security measure intended to enhance the security of your site.
It can prevent unauthorized and malicious users from gaining access to your WordPress
In this tutorial, we will learn how to setup two-factor authentication on a WordPress blog.

We will use a plugin called Duo Two-Factor Authentication for this tutorial.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Using the Duo plugin you can easily add two-factor authentication to your WordPress website in just a few minutes with minimal setup and minimal fuss. It connects your smartphone and your WordPress site. You can modify which users (or user roles) on your site require the use of two factor authentication.


  1. Log in to your WordPress account as an administrator to install the plugin.
  2. Navigate to PluginsAdd New in the left navigation bar. Then search for “Duo Security” and click Install Now for the Duo Two-Factor Authentication plugin.
  3. Click Activate Plugin after installing the Duo plugin:
  4. After activation, click Settings to configure the plugin.
  5. Copy and paste your integration key, secret key, and API hostname from the Duo WordPress application you created earlier. You may select which WordPress user roles need to authenticate using Duo. For example, you may only require those users with the “Administrator” role to use two-factor authentication, or require all roles to use two-factor.To fully secure your WordPress site Duo recommends that you disable XML-RPC. However, this will prevent use of offline Weblog clients and the WordPress mobile app.
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