How to Install CSF Firewall on Vesta Control Panel (GUI)

CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) is a firewall script which can boost the security of your server. It even tells you various hints in order to increase the security and comes pre-loaded with various profiles. Its GUI makes our work even much easier.


Straight-forward SPI iptables firewall script
login authentication failures check for:
– Courier imap, Dovecot, uw-imap, Kerio
– openSSH
– Pure-ftpd, vsftpd, Proftpd
– Password protected web pages (htpasswd)
– Mod_security failures (v1 and v2)
– Suhosin failures
Creates Custom login failures log files
POP3/IMAP login tracking to enforce logins per hour
SSH login notification
SU login notification
Excessive connection blocking
UI Integration for cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin and VestaCP!
Easy upgrade between versions from shell
Auto-configures the SSH port if it’s non-standard on installation
Block traffic on unused server IP addresses
Alert when end-user scripts sending excessive emails per hour
Suspicious process reporting
Excessive user processes reporting
Excessive user process usage reporting and optional termination
Suspicious file reporting
Directory and file watching
Block traffic on the DShield Block List and the Spamhaus DROP List
BOGON packet protection
Works with multiple ethernet devices
Server Security Check
Allow Dynamic DNS IP addresses
and a lot many more features!


  • Vesta Control Panel
  • SSH Access
  • 256MB of RAM (512MB recommended)
  • 15 minutes


SSH into your server and enter the following code and proceed with the installation

wget -O ./
chmod 777 ./
sudo ./


Updating the script

Simply re-running the script again after a VestaCP update will update CSF and add the link back.



Thanks to Steven Sullivan for developing this installation script.

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