Top 6 AdSense Alternatives With Instant Activation For New Bloggers

AdSense is no doubt, one of the best advertising networks. The only problem with it is of activation. For new sites, it is difficult to get accepted as there are a lot of requirements, verification and minimum traffic limit. Your website also needs to be about 6 months old which is considered to be a myth too.

The User Interface of AdSense is excellent.


But there are a lot of other good ad networks for new websites which have a tough competition with AdSense.

adsense dashboard

adsense dashboard

Here is my list of them.

1. Revenue Hits

RevenueHits Dashboard

Revenue Hits is probably one of the best alternative to AdSense with instant activation. There is no minimum traffic requirement. Revenue Hits delivers more than two billion impressions daily and is growing fast.

You can get high amounts ($10 – 50) for actions by your visitors.

Now, we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of Revenue hit

Pros of Revenue Hits:

  1. High CPA rates.
  2. Lot of Ad Formats (Display & Rich Media, Pop-Ups/Unders, Apps, Widgets, XML Feeds, CPA, CPM, etc)
  3. Good minimum payout (compared to AdSense)
  4. Instant activation

Cons of Revenue Hits:

  1. None probably.


2. PopAds

popads dashboard

PopAds is one of the Best Popup Advertising network. It is good for starting as there is no minimum traffic requirement. They permit all types of blogs, and even adult sites but just not illegal sites.

Pros of PopAds

  1. High CPM rates.
  2. $5 minimum payou.
  3. Auto money withdrawal
  4. No minimum traffic requirement.
  5. Average CPM– $1.50.

Cons of PopAds

  1. PayPal, Payoneer are the only methods to withraw money.
  2. Non-Relevant Ads.

3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the oldest ad networks. They offer a lot of ad formats. And there are multiple payment gateways.

Pros of Bidvertiser

  1. Minimum Payout- $10
  2. Lot of ad formats.
  3. Multiple gateways – Paypal, Check, Payza and Wire Transfer.

Cons of Bidvertiser

  1. Not high-quality ads.
  2. Low earning.
  3. Outdated Interface


4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a popular advertising network. It also has a user friendly interface. Infolinks offers many types of ad. They are known for their in-text ads.

Pros of Infolinks

  1. Trusted advertising company
  2. Various Ads Format

Cons of Infolinks

  1. Minimum payout is $50

5. Propellerads

Propellerads is a CPM Advertisement network. It is friendly for new bloggers. And has very fast activation. They have a good Adblock Bypass prevention policy.

Pros of Propellerads

  1. Minimum Payment: $500 for Wire and $25 for others including PayPal.
  2. Multiple Payment Methods – PayPal, Wire, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, Skrill.
  3. Minimum Traffic Required – None.
  4. Shares 80% of their ad revenue with publishers.
  5. Multiple Ad Formats

Cons of Propellerads

  1. Minimum payout is $100.
  2. Annoying Ads

6. Chitika

Chitika used to be the best alternative to AdSense before the coming of other Ad Networks.Chitika is still popular among new bloggers.

Pros of Chitika

  1. No minimum traffic requirement.
  2. Good Support.

Cons of Chitika

  1. Only monetizes search traffi.
  2. Takes a bit of time to get an approval or rejection.
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