What is Offshore Hosting

Offshore hosting is hosting which is out of USA. Offshore hosting providers operate from a country where data-related laws are very lenient. These countries include Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Russia too.

Not all hosting providers in these countries provide offshore hosting but most of the hosts are flexible with it.

Some of the main reasons for using offshore hosting are DMCA flexibility, hosting of copyrighted contents, hosting pornography, being anonymous, etc.

DMCA is not a policy of the host country so the hosting providers can ignore these takedown requests.

Legitimate Advantages of Offshore Hosting

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to require offshore hosting: You may choose one to have the servers be near your customers with low latency, or it may be a licensing requirement or simply because it is cheaper…

It is also used for/by

– Online gambling sites
– Secure phone providers
– VPN providers
– Bitcoin related websites




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