SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. - SEPT 29, 2010 TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield Final Round: CloudFlare Expert Judges: Marissa Mayer (Google), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Roelof Botha (Sequoia Capital), Jason Goldman (Twitter) Photo by Max Whittaker

CloudFlare is a service which boosts and secures your website from DDoS attacks. With CloudFlare, you can protect your website against malicious visitors, save bandwidth and reduce average page load times.

Steps to add Cloudflare to your website

    1. Go to and login to your account.
    2. Click on +Add Site button located on the header navigation bar. How To Add Cloudflare To Your Website
    3. Now enter your domain name in the space provided and click on Begin Scan.How To Add Cloudflare To Your Website
    4. Cloudflare will scan your domain’s DNS records. This will take approximately 60 seconds to complete. Once the DNS scan has finished, click Continue.
    5. Cloduflare automatically adds all the DNS records but If there are any additional records you’d like to add, you can add them there. After you’ve reviewed your DNS records, click Continue.How To Add Cloudflare To Your Website
    6. Select the free website plan and click on continue. You can upgrade to a better plan later also.
    7. In the next step, Cloudflare will ask you to update the name servers to their name servers. Update your name servers with your registrar to the new ones. Don’t worry, your website will not experience any downtime. How To Add Cloudflare To Your Website
    8. Congratulations! Cloudflare has now been added to your website.