How to Host a New Website on Vesta Control Panel

VestaCP is a new free alternative to cPanel. The best part of it is of being open source. Being new, not everyone knows how to add a website on it. So, here we will learn how we can add a new website on VestaCP  and enable other features like free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt and how to use its file manager/FTP to upload your site.


How to host a new website on Vesta Control Panel

Step 1 – Point your domain name to your server

If your web hosting provider has given you some name servers then just put them in your DNS or simply add an A record in your DNS and put the IP address of the server where you are going to host your website.

Step 2 – Login to VestaCP 

Load VestaCP’s login by either typing the hostname or the ip address followed by the login port which is :8083

Examples or

Now enter the login credentials and click the Log in button. If you are an admin of the control panel then it’s recommended to create a new user and host your new website in that new user account.


Step 3 – Add your website 

First, Navigate to the WEB section of VestaCP

VestaCP Web Section

Now click on the green to add your new website.

Now enter the domain name which you would like to host on your website and click on the Add button.

You can even select another IP address if your server has more than 1 IP address.

vestacp add website

Your website has now been added on your server.

Step 4 – Add a Database

The scripts which you are going to upload might require a MySQL database. You can even store data in the database with phpMyAdmin. 

To add a new Database, simply navigate to the Database section and click on the Add database button.

Now you need to add the Dabase Name, Username, Password, type (mysql in most cases), host (localhost in most cases), Charset (utf8 in most cases). 

VestaCP new database

That’s it, you are done adding a new database.

Step 5 – Using VestaCP’s File Manager (optional) 

VestaCP has a premium File Manager just like the one of cPanel. If your server provider has not added this plugin then ask him/her to add it.

To check whether your server provider has already added the File Manager, verify whether there is a File Manager button in the menu.

If you already have the File Manager in VestaCP then you can see this tutorial to know How to use VestaCP’s Implemented File Manager

Step 6 – Uploading Website’s Content to the Server (FTP Method)

In case you don’t have VestaCP’s implemented File Manager you can even try uploading your website using FTP clients like Filezilla

After installing Filezilla, open it.

To connect to your website, enter the username and password of your control panel and in the hostname field put the IP address of your server.

Now open the web folder and then open the folder which is named the same as your domain name and then finally open the public_html folder. Delete the index.html file and start uploading your website’s files.


Step 7 – Creating a Sub Domain

Creating a sub domain is the same as creating a top level domain.

Add a new website in the WEB section and in the domain url field fill the full sub domain URL instead of just the top level domain as shown in the image below.

A new directory will be created for uploading the contents for the Sub Domain just like for a top level domain.

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